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Antigua Décor has specialized in Spanish Furniture & Accessories for 22 years. Reproduced from thousands of originally owned Spanish Colonial Antiques, distinct and bold in design, exquisitely detailed, and handmade to your specifications.

Handcrafted in Lima, Peru and Guadalajara, Mexico - Antigua captures the Old World elegance of the New Spain of the Americas.



Register with ANTIGUA DÉCOR and we will give you your own Project Folder to create and organize the furniture and accessories that you select throughout our website. From the comfort of your own home or office, you can solicit quotes, size and color modifications and ask other questions that you may have. After registering, you can sign in at any time to make changes and updates to your Project Folder. Register Today!


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Antigua Décor is a union of the most talented carpenters, wood carvers and turners, gilders, leather craftsmen, blacksmiths, and finishers - building high quality, authentic Spanish Colonial Furniture Reproductions, Carved Cabinets, and Spanish Lighting & Hardware. We began in Peru in 1988 in search of 17th and 18th century Antiques – One-of-kind Carved Furniture, Architectural pieces, Accessories & Hardware. Over the years, we acquired and restored thousands of Antique Spanish Colonial pieces handed down from generation to generation from original Hacienda families and Colonial town’s people from all over Peru, Bolivia and Ecuador. The most spectacular pieces came from Cusco, Peru which was the Center-of-Arts of South America. Masters from Spain and Italy were brought in to train local craftsmen in the techniques of carving, gilding, silver and ironwork. Starting in 1996, we began to manufacture Rawhide Parchment Lampshades, then later, Spanish Lighting and now Spanish Hardware, Carved Cabinets and Unique Fireplace Screens. We now have 5 Spanish Colonial Furniture Lines as well as Carved Frames, Cabinets, Hardware, Ironwork, Lighting, and Parchment Lampshades lines, each with their own Catalog.